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Chocolate Marzipan Decorations

Toppings for a Fruit Cake or the Tiptree Spiced Marmalade Cake
Product – Tiptree Chocolate Spread and Apricot Conserve
The traditional Easter simnel cake is topped with 11 marzipan balls to represent the disciples so we have adapted this idea and created 11 chocolate filled marzipan balls and a marzipan nest that can be filled with mini chocolate eggs.

½ jar Tiptree Chocolate Spread – chilled if possible
2 tablespoons Icing Sugar
250g Marzipan made with ground almonds
Tablespoon Tiptree Apricot Conserve


Sieve icing sugar onto a board
Put one level teaspoon of Chocolate Spread on the board and roll into a ball and dust with icing sugar –
make a total of 12 chocolate balls (a spare is useful).
Put them in the fridge.
Knead then roll out marzipan until thin.
Cut marzipan into squares or circles approx. 3 inches.
Put chocolate ball into a square, bring edges together and pinch, roll into a ball then return to the fridge for 15 minutes.
We also made a marzipan nest.
Brush top of balls with a little apricot conserve.
Heat grill on high setting, place marzipan balls and nest on grill rack and put under hot grill to just colour the top of the balls –
watch carefully as it can quickly burn.
Allow to cool and place on the top of the Tiptree Spiced Marmalade Cake or on any fruit cake.



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